Career Coaching


Coaching is a process of individual growth and life change. As a Life Coach, Cynthia helps clients rediscover and connect to their own unique magic. What inspires you? What moves you into creating and … [Read More...]

What Colours do You Choose?


Aura-Soma is a system of colour therapy that uses the universal and accessible language of colour to help clients discover the beauty of who they are. Aura-Soma is self-selective and non-intrusive. … [Read More...]

Career Clarity Session


Feeling confused about your career direction? Not sure what to do? Feel like your work has no purpose? My Career Clarity Session will help you bust through the confusion and get to career … [Read More...]

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What’s The Secret of Successful Leaders?

Have you ever gone to work when you were feeling sick?  I certainly have.  In 2006, I had just come home from two weeks in Egypt.  It was a busy time of year at work and I was bound and determined to jump right back to work after being away. I got in my car, […]

The Road Less Travelled

The Road Less Traveled to Career Transition Success

Have you ever taken the scenic route?  The road that won’t get you there faster, but is infinitely more enjoyable?  Or would you rather get to where you’re going as fast as you can? I enjoy taking scenic routes when I can.  In fact, I drove a scenic route to work every day for about […]

Professional Life Coaching

Don’t Jump Ship Until You Read This: Tips for a Smoother Career Transition

Imagine you’re on a sail boat, sailing along, following the wind and the current.  Then one day, after giving it a lot of thought, you realize it’s time to be on a new boat.  You decide it’s time to jump ship.  But – jump at the wrong time, or without a back-up plan, and you […]


How Planning For Failure Can Lead You to Success

I just finished listening to a great podcast with James Clear and Jason Billows around changing your habits and what leads to greater success.  One of my big a-has from listening to this podcast was this:  plan for failure.  Say what?  Yes.  Plan for failure. Now, you might be thinking that this flies in the […]


Are You a Slave to Time or Master of your Schedule?

“I wish there were more hours in the day!”  How often have you said that to yourself?  I hear this from clients all the time.  If you have found yourself saying this, what was it you didn’t have time for?  Are you really making time for your true priorities, both at work and at home? […]

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